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Slim Table

c. 2005/2006

for Arco

Slim Table

for  Arco

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The Slim table designed by Bertjan Pot for Arco is a metal table veneered entirely in wood, repre­sent­ing a clever use of mate­ri­als to create an object that genuinely has no aesthetic precedent.

Slim’s stun­ning mini­mal­ist aesthet­ics lie in the combi­na­tion of its precise engi­neer­ing and the use of the veneer itself. Arco offers several recti­lin­ear and square versions of the Slim table. It is simi­larly avail­able in a wide range of several differ­ent light-to-dark oak veneers and 28 colors of lacquered ash. Each finish choice is addi­tion­ally avail­able in either matte or satin-gloss.

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