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Soma Planter

by Laurie Wiid Van Heerden
for  Indigenus Planters

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The Indi­genus Soma Planter collec­tion, designed by Laurie Wiid van Heerden and derived from the Greek word for body,” draws inspi­ra­tion from the majes­tic form of trees. Just as the trunk of a tree uplifts its branches, reach­ing towards the heavens and grace­fully surpass­ing neigh­bor­ing flora, the Soma planters mirror this organic elegance. They embody the essence of a curvy tree trunk remi­nis­cent of nature’s gentle strength.

Embrac­ing form and func­tion, the Soma collec­tion features planters of varying sizes, includ­ing substan­tial pieces that make a bold state­ment. Just as a tree trunk uplifts leaves, the Soma planters elevate the magnif­i­cence of lush foliage, offer­ing a visual journey that merges design and nature.

Expe­ri­ence the beau­ti­ful synergy between nature and artistry as Soma envelops your plants in an embrace inspired by the radiant body of a tree.


Laurie Wiid Van Heerden

Born in Cape Town in 1987, Laurie opted for a hands-on approach to studying design and manufacturing. He apprenticed to Otto du Plessis and Charles Haupt at Bronze Age Foundry as well as to a carpenter for three years, and from 2009 to 2013, he worked closely with leading South African sculptor Wim Botha as his assistant. During this time, he started designing and manufacturing his ceramics and furniture and collaborating with fellow creatives.

Laurie Wiid van Heerden established his studio, Wiid Design, in Cape Town in 2013. Often working collaboratively with other artists and across various materials, Laurie’s product range spans furniture, lighting, tableware, and collectible objects that combine specialist manufacturing with handcrafting.

Laurie Wiid van Heerden creates products and objects that can be seen as the interface between art and design – where materials are transformed into life-enriching durable products. With an extensive portfolio of work for such a young designer van Heerden has won many accolades and has exhibited at Guild, 100% Design, Design Days Dubai, Design Miami and Design Basel.

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