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Stag Horn Dog Whistle

by Petra Jungebluth
for Cloud 7 Berlin

The Stag Horn Dog Whistle is hand carved from authen­tic stag horns. It is the perfect comple­ment to any train­ing or rela­tion­ship build­ing between a dog and their owner. Stag horns are natu­rally dropped by male deer as they grow and age. This dog whistle is made of genuine stag antlers harvested from the forests of Germany. Every whistle is hand­crafted and features a unique shape that follows the natural contours of a stag’s horn. Strung with a hand braided goat leather lanyard; the Stag Horn Dog Whistle is comfort­able to wear as well as incor­po­rate into a daily walk or pet routine. Ideal for pet owners looking for an eco-friendly and natural choice for whistle train­ing their pets. 

Petra Jungebluth


Petra Jungebluth is the creator of Cloud 7. Based in Berlin, Germany, the company creates high-quality products for dogs and their owners. After searching for a dog bed for her own pet back in 2010, she saw a lack of eco-friendly and high-quality products that worked seamlessly in her home. With a background in fashion design and marketing at international brands like Strenesse, Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne, she was able to take her knowledge and experience to create understated designs in pet accessories. Jungebluth created Cloud 7 to answer the need for dog care products that have beautiful lines, a certain playfulness and feature eco-friendly as well as fair trade materials.

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