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Bente Outdoor Sofa

c. 2022

by Piet Boon
for Piet Boon Studio

Bente Outdoor Sofa

by Piet Boon
for  Piet Boon Studio

or Call to Order

The Bente Outdoor Sofa has robust armrests, soft cush­ions, and rounded wood elements allow­ing users to enjoy the outdoors in ulti­mate comfort. Bente is the first fully uphol­stered sofa in the Piet Boon Outdoor collec­tion. High-quality teak makes up the base, and a variety of water-perme­able outdoor fabrics are avail­able for the uphol­stery. Easy to main­tain and elegant in form, Bente strikes the perfect balance between func­tion­al­ity, aesthet­ics, and individuality. 

There are two sizes for the Bente Outdoor sofa. The rest of the collec­tion consists of a low table, a lounge chair, and an ottoman of the same name.


Piet Boon


Born in the Netherlands in 1958, Piet Boon beautifully blends elegant lines, natural materials, and superior function. Trained as a contractor, his work is always practical and approachable, but he also infuses each product or project with a sense of luxury achieved through a meticulous eye for detail. Boon approaches his multidisciplinary work with the finest craftsmanship and materials so that every piece or project feels relaxed, comfortable, and timeless.

Since 1983, Boon has offered architecture, interior design, and furniture design services through his Amsterdam-based firm, Studio Piet Boon. Notable furniture and lighting include the Round Boon and the Square Boon light fixtures for Moooi, as well as the quilted Kekke seating series and plush Kent chair. Long a household name in the Dutch design scene, his work has a wide global appeal. Indeed, his architecture and interiors work includes a number of new luxury residential developments in the U.S., including the Oosten, 101 Wall, and Huys buildings in New York, along with hotels, restaurants, offices, and private residences around the world.

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