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Colosseo Small Tables

c. 2018

by Naoto Fukasawa
for B&B Italia

Colosseo Small Tables

by Naoto Fukasawa
for  B&B Italia

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The Colosseo small tables, designed by Naoto Fuka­sawa for B&B Italia, draw inspi­ra­tion from the iconic Roman arena with their unique and versa­tile design. Fuka­sawa envi­sioned a solid struc­ture resem­bling an inverted trun­cated cone adorned with arch-shaped grooves that create a visu­ally striking surface.

This distinc­tive detail­ing not only adds visual inter­est but also pays homage to the archi­tec­tural struc­ture of the Colos­seum. The design of the tables can adapt to differ­ent occa­sions and needs and seam­lessly trans­form from side tables to comfort­able poufs. This versa­til­ity allows for flex­i­ble use in various settings, accom­mo­dat­ing other seating arrange­ments and provid­ing addi­tional seating options when needed.

The tables are avail­able in sixteen glossy colors, allow­ing for person­al­iza­tion and inte­gra­tion into differ­ent inte­rior styles. Whether used indi­vid­u­ally or grouped, the Colosseo tables add a touch of sophis­ti­ca­tion and archi­tec­tural flair to any space.


Naoto Fukasawa


Japanese industrial design icon Naoto Fukasawa is known for work that is simultaneously sculptural and functional. From CD players, cell phones, and electrical appliances, to furniture for sitting, sleeping and eating, Fukasawa’s work is always museum-quality. In fact, a wall-mounted CD player he designed for Muji is part of the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. Inspired by the outline and the shape of a volume or item, he looks for inspiration in the subconscious thoughts that humans have about objects.

Fukasawa has immersed himself in the electronics world since the beginning of his career, at Seiko Epson in Japan, where he designed products such as wrist TVs and mini printers. He also spent time in the U.S. working with companies in Silicon Valley, and was involved in the development of a design concept for Apple. He continued to dream up technological products when he returned to Japan, while at the same time taking on impressive furniture collaborations that quickly made him a household name in the industry. As a furniture designer, he has collaborated on award-winning pieces for B&B Italia, Driade, Magis, Artemide, Danese, Boffi, and more. Works like the Piccola Papilio lounge for B&B Italia reveal Fukasawa’s energetic approach to minimalism. The chair’s enveloping form is utterly simplistic and captivatingly artful at the same time.

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