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Isole Seating System

c. 2017

by Nendo and Luca Nichetto
for &Tradition

Isole Seating System

by Nendo and Luca Nichetto
for  &Tradition

or Call to Order

The &Traditon Isole Seating System is a collab­o­ra­tion between design­ers Oki Sato of Nendo, and Luca Nichetto. The powder coated steel base of the modular lounge seating system supports a pebble-shaped island” molded from CMHR foam and uphol­stered in stretch fabric. Seating compo­nents are avail­able with or without armrests. The addi­tion of a black lami­nated round, square or rectan­gu­lar side table is discretely inte­grated into the design. 

In the begin­ning, the first rough sketches of the design were sent back and forth via iPhone between Sato, based in Japan and Nichetto, based in Italy. Sato’s sketches were of soft shapes like pebbles or islands, so Nendo sent back sketches of arma­ture as a bridge to connect the islands. Isole illus­trates a story of visual connectivity.


Nendo and Luca Nichetto

Oki Sato and Luca Nichetto are two designers from different cultures who share a mutual passion for design and a truly innovative way of collaborating. Nendo is a Tokyo-based design studio founded by Canadian-born architect Oki Sato. Nendo’s work encompasses projects from everyday objects to furniture, fashion, retail interiors, art installations and more, boasting countless pieces in museum collections around the globe. Their simple ideas are distinguished by a playful, delicate aesthetic, capturing miniature moments in life, each with a hidden story and an element of surprise. Nichetto Studio was established by Luca Nichetto first in Venice, opening a second studio in Stockholm. A multi-disciplinary design firm working with product design, industrial design, interior design, and architecture. Each piece reflects a deep passion, knowledge, and appreciation for crafts combined with curated cultural references and a keen eye for detail. Merging classic forms with personality using color palettes inspired by nature.

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