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Mauro Sofa

c. 2007

by Jan te Lintelo
for Linteloo

Mauro Sofa

by Jan te Lintelo
for  Linteloo

or Call to Order

The Mauro sofa, designed by Jan te Lintelo for Linteloo, embod­ies a cat stretch­ing under the morning sun and echoes the same sense of grace, length, and relax­ation. It’s a master­piece that embod­ies tran­quil­ity and self-assured­ness, a concept that has made Mauro one of Linteloo’s most cher­ished and enduring best-sellers.

The Mauro Sofa series presents a variety of elements, from armchairs to long chairs and sofas, allow­ing you to create seating arrange­ments that cater to your needs and aesthetic sensibilities. 


Jan te Lintelo

Jan te Lintelo was born in 1954 into a family of furniture retailers in Haaksbergen in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Growing up, Jan was surrounded by the beautiful furniture from his parent's shop. This meant he understood artisans' and architects' skills and extraordinary craftsmanship from an early age.

Jan studied furniture manufacturing at the HMC in Rotterdam, specializing in craftsmanship, creativity, and trade entrepreneurship, and worked in sales for Dutch cabinetmaker Pastoe and the famous upholstery factory Gelderland.

In 1994, he started his own company and created his furniture collection. Using his experience in manufacturing combined with the feedback and wishes from his clients, he designed the first collection, quickly becoming one of the most successful modern furniture collections.

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