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Perry Low Tables

c. 2022

by Max Lipsey
for Montis

Perry Low Tables

by Max Lipsey
for  Montis

or Call to Order

The Perry low tables, created by Max Lipsey for Montis, intro­duce a contem­po­rary and expres­sive element to inte­rior spaces. These trans­par­ent tables with distinct edges comple­ment the comfort­able seating furni­ture in various Montis collec­tions. Max Lipsey, a young Amer­i­can-Dutch designer, sought to create a distinc­tive shape, playing with contrast­ing concepts like hard and soft, trans­par­ent and opaque.

Crafted from colored glass, the Perry low tables add a touch of sophis­ti­ca­tion and modern flair to the Montis lineup, show­cas­ing the brand’s commit­ment to inno­v­a­tive and stylish design.


Max Lipsey

Max Lipsey, born in Santa Barbara, embarked on a creative journey that led him to the Netherlands. After completing a liberal arts study in New York, he continued his education at the Design Academy Eindhoven, graduating in 2007. Following his studies, Lipsey established his studio in Eindhoven.

Lipsey's design process involves a hands-on exploration of materials. Before putting pen to paper, he thoroughly acquainted himself with the material, experimenting, bending, sawing, and feeling until he understood its properties inside and out. This curious and craftsman-like approach is reflected in his designs.

In addition to creating his production designs, Lipsey has garnered attention for his work on specific interior and furniture projects, where he aims to understand how an object engages in a dialogue with its environment. His versatile and hands-on approach to design has contributed to his reputation in the field.

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