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Goya Table

c. 2019

by Arflex
for Arflex

Goya Table

by Arflex
for  Arflex

or Call to Order

The Goya Table, designed by Arflex in 2019, is a round table that comes in multi­ple sizes and tops. With its sleek and simple lines creat­ing a tubular base and round top, the table is able to adapt to any living style or room design with a visual impact.




Arflex was founded in Milan in 1947 by a team of engineers—Carlo Barassi, Renato Teani, Pio Reggiani, and Aldo Bai—from the Italian tire company Pirelli. While exploring new technologies in rubber production, they developed a new polyurethane foam and elastic tape that held great potential for modernist furniture design. Italian architect-designer Marco Zanuso (1916-2001) was brought in to create the first collections, guided by the principle that the new materials would inform the aesthetic result.

Starting in 1952, Arflex began to work with other Italian architect designers to broaden its product line. Through the decades, Arflex has worked with an incredible roster of influential talents like Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Joe Colombo, and Tito Agnoli.

Arflex is celebrated for its incredible legacy of working with iconic designers who have won numerous awards, and Arflex designs can be found in museums around the world, like the Triennale Museum in Milan, and the Triennale Museum in Tokyo, the MoMa in New York, and the Chicago Athenaeum.

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