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Serie Up 2000 Lounge Chair and Ottoman — Lora Black

c. 1969/2000

by Gaetano Pesce
for B&B Italia

B&B Ital­i­a’s Serie Up 2000 lounge chair and ottoman, uphol­stered in black Lora fabric, is a time­less master­piece and a promi­nent collec­tion piece designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1969. The lounge chair, known as the Up 5, features a beau­ti­fully curved form connected to the ball-shaped ottoman, the Up 6. Pesce intended for the chair to repre­sent a female figure bound to the ottoman, symbol­iz­ing the soci­etal constraints faced by women.

Crafted with Bayfit (Bayer) flex­i­ble cold-shaped polyurethane foam, the Up 5 and Up 6 are avail­able in various uphol­stery covers, includ­ing black, red, blue, dark green, orange/​beige, and the special 50th-anniver­sary petrol green/​beige striped jersey. The under­side uphol­stery, made of 100% jute, remains unseen.

The Lora Black version mentioned in this listing is part of our Quick-Ship Program. Addi­tion­ally, other pieces from the Up Series are avail­able. To explore these options and discuss pricing, check the spec sheet and contact us at 800.886.0867.


Gaetano Pesce


As an Italian architect, designer, and urban planner, Gaetano Pesce is best known for his modern aesthetic that incorporates ordinary materials with experimental forms. Born in 1939, Pesce studied architecture at the University of Venice, learning from the tutelage of both Ernesto Rogers and Carlo Scarpa. Throughout 1958-1963, Pesce participated in Gruppo N, a design collaboration that focused on creating art similar in program to that of the Bauhaus. His architectural work often featured natural elements, including his work in Osaka, Japan in creating the Organic Building. Pesce’s industrial design led to collaborations with B&B Italia, Vitra, and Cassini; much of which include pieces that embody his usual wit and style. Many of his 3D models and prototypes are featured in the permanent collections of museums around the world, including MoMA in New York City, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Triennale Museum in Milan.

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