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Tuber Planter

by Haldane Martin
for Indigenus Planters

Tuber Planter

by Haldane Martin
for  Indigenus Planters

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Haldane Martin and Indi­genus present the Tuber Planter collec­tion, inspired by the hidden wonders beneath the soil. These planters beau­ti­fully capture the essence of tubular shapes in plants and bulbs. Like a reve­la­tion from the under­ground world, Tuber brings forth the capti­vat­ing form of these under­ground life-support systems, repre­sent­ing the essence of a plant’s vital­ity and nourishment.

Just as the tubular root struc­ture sustains and supports life, the Tuber planters symbol­ize this vital connec­tion between a plant and its nurtur­ing envi­ron­ment. They serve as a visual cele­bra­tion of life, show­cas­ing the emer­gence and growth of plants compellingly and artistically.

Each planter embod­ies the signif­i­cance of the tubular root system, offer­ing a visu­ally strik­ing repre­sen­ta­tion of the life support system that sustains the plants we cherish.


Haldane Martin

Haldane Martin, the director and designer behind the brand Haldane is globally recognized for his work that exudes a strong sense of identity. His earlier contributions hail their significant role in shaping a distinctive South African design language.

Currently focused on designing premium outdoor furniture in Cape Town, Haldane Martin merges his passion for design with his love for the outdoors. He aims to provide clients with authentic self-expression and a lasting connection with nature, offering beauty and comfort. As a prolific industrial designer specializing in furniture and interior design, Haldane believes iconic design should encompass innovation, beauty, relevance, and timelessness.

Haldane integrates indigenous craft, bio-mimicry, sustainable production, modern technology, and digital design in his award-winning creations. His portfolio includes renowned pieces such as the Zulu Mama chair and interiors for the acclaimed Truth Coffee, voted the Best Coffee Shop in the World by MSN Travel.

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