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Axel XL Sofa

c. 2015

by Gijs Papavoine
for Montis

Axel XL Sofa

by Gijs Papavoine
for  Montis

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The Axel XL Sofa designed by Gijs Papavone for Montis with its low, broad seats is a Dutch lounge land­scape. Whether you are seated or lying down, the sober design always offers the comfort you need. Its elements are finished on all sides and can be arranged flex­i­bly, just like the pillows. Welcome your friends and enjoy a relaxed morning or evening. The Axel XL is the ulti­mate lounge piece that welcomes you with a distinct sense of luxury. Elegant and just a little nonchalant.


Gijs Papavoine


Gijs Papavoine studied at the institute of technology and Eindhoven Academy for Industrial Design, Product Design department. Gijs was employed as a Product Manager at Montis until 1990. In this capacity, he was jointly responsible for Montis’ design philosophy. In 1990, Gijs was promoted to the lead designer of Montis.

Since 2009 Gijs has worked as an independent designer for various national and international companies. “My roots are industrial design, not art. The designs are pure by their simplicity, yet versatile. Being uncomplicated is the power of my designs. Strong graphic elements, supplemented with flowing forms, characterize my work. A perfect mix of pure lines and functionality. The starting point is always to reduce the concept to a logical solution. "

I start with a general, rough idea, work and plan like a sculptor, leaving the essential features of the design. My designs are therefore uncomplicated, logical and practical.

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