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Stay Table

c. 2017

by Fermé
for Cappellini

Stay Table

by Fermé
for  Cappellini

or Call to Order

Ultra­light in appear­ance yet robust in struc­ture, the Stay Table, designed by Fermé, has slender oblique legs that support tops in an ample variety of precious mate­ri­als. The legs of the Stay table consist of conical tubes with a matte varnished finish (in white, mud, or black), polished chrome, or polished brass. Top options include white Carrara marble and grey Roma marble; lacquered with a matte or glossy finish in the collec­tion’s colors; in oak with a natural, black, or wengé finish; in black Canaletto. Stay is avail­able in differ­ent sizes and formats: in fact, it comes in one square, three rectan­gu­lar, and two round versions.



Fermé is the founder and creative director of his brand, Fermé, and a collaborative designer dedicated to projects ranging from architecture to product design. He works with influential brands such as Dom Perignon, Krüg champagne, and Playboy, and the interior design of spaces in the Parklane Hilton in London and solutions for the reception facility for STAY, the chain of Copenhagen-based designer hotels. For Cappellini, Fermé has created the Stay table featured in our collection.

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